Grief in Progress, 2023
Yui Yamamoto
Composition of the Sound from videos from YouTube
Upper Unkle in London, the United Kingdom.

Grief in Progress is an audio visual performance reflecting the artist’s personal feelings on current society. Sourcing from YouTube and mixing the images and sound from the live streaming of various war zones, Yamamoto will compose the soundscape.

Untitled, 2023
Ruby Antonowicz-Behnan
Upper Unkle in London, the United Kingdom.

For Upper Ankyle, the playback of a cassette tape recording of my late father is the starting point to explore the notion of the disembodied voice and how recorded media mediates absence by communicating across time. The piece looks at the duality of sensing presence and absence within grief rituals and the psychological connection the bereaved may have with the deceased.The performance included extracts from the book ‘Personal Grief Rituals: Creating Unique Expressions of Loss and Meaningful Acts of Mourning in Clinical Or Private Settings’ By Paul M. Martin.

absence, 2023
Yui Yamamoto
Cement, Paper, Salt, Transparent wire, Plaster, dried Blueberry plants
Installation, Platform in Vaasa, Finland.

Death’s impact reverberates universally across all living beings. When the soul departs, the body transforms into mere substance. What remains after the body’s incineration? absence stands as a captivating installation that delves into themes of death, mourning, and the rituals surrounding the departed. Through this work, Yamamoto prompts viewers to engage with the installation, inviting reflection on the passage of time.

Conversations, 2023
Ruby Antonowicz-Behnan
Live Performance, Central Saint Martins, London, United Kingdom.

Borrowing it’s title from the 1963 Eric Dolphy album ‘Conversations’ - the record was played by my father to signoff a personal cassette tape voice message, recorded some 40 years ago. The piece is about the uncanniness of the disembodied voice and our need for communion with the dead, making a wry nod to electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and affectionately references composer and ‘spirit medium’ Rosemary Brown.

Untitled Piece for Four Turntables, 2023
Ruby Antonowicz-Behnan 
Live Performance with four performers, Central Saint Martins, London, United Kingdom.

Our notion of memory is of its capacity to recall and of its traces. In my practice, I have applied this analogy to the vinyl record. The 'memory' of the recording is imprinted and stored within, and the stylus needle tracks this return and recall along the grooves. Across four turntables, my brother Jordan and I play records from my father's collection, sometimes several simultaneously - enveloping the space with sound, disjointing the sense of linear time and connecting us through this everyday ritual to our father.

思い出の水 亡き人へ Water of Memory for the lost one, 2022
Yui Yamamoto
Durational Performance, Tokyo, Japan.

water of memory

black water
a large drop of water
becoming black ocean

by pouring the water
remembering you

© yui yamamoto 2023