Grief in Progress, 2023
Composition of the Sound from videos from YouTube
Upper Unkle in London, the United Kingdom.

Grief in Progress is an audio visual performance reflecting the artist’s personal feelings on current society. Sourcing from YouTube and mixing the images and sound from the live streaming of various war zones, Yamamoto will compose the soundscape.

absence, 2023
Cement, Paper, Salt, Transparent wire, Plaster, dried Blueberry plants
Platform in Vaasa, Finland.

Death comes equally to every living being. When one’s soul is departed, the body is just a substance. When the body is gone, what remains?

Using items such as salt and casket, Yamamoto explores her view of facing loss. Inspired by the death of her own family members and the ceremonial activities, the artist transforms Platform to a ceremonial space for those who are no longer with us.

For Night of the Arts the artist invites visitors to participate the installation by pouring the salt to the paper cones.

Thousand Scrapes Thousand Response, 2023
Razor wire, paint, washi tape
Curated by Two Temple Place and Thorp Stavri at Two Temple Place, London.

Barbed wire is a symbol of confinement, exclusion, and segregation. In Thousand Irritation and Thousand Response, Yamamoto’s wall of wire represents processes of migration and her experience as an East Asian woman in the UK and its alien environment.

During the exhibition, Yamamoto will create a durational performative piece, silently cutting the barbs from the wire and replacing them with delicate washi paper. Washi paper is used in Japanese Shinto and Buddhist ritual, tied to a tree or shrine to represent a connection to the gods and the sharing of energy.

In the corner of the room, there is the desk and chair where visitors can write their responses of the artist’s question “what did you do to be accepted?” With the exmaple of her experiences adopting and accepted to the new society, she asks visitors to write their experiences on Washi paper, which will be the part of the installation.

Fluid Life, 2022
Video, Super8 camera 
Collaboration with Daria Razo and Adam Razvi

An experimental short film featuring the performance and collaboration by Daria Lazo, Yui Yamamoto and Adam Razvi. It is a conceptual piece that explores several topics while focusing on the notion that we are primarily formed of liquid, showing how people interact with water in this particular situation in a very amusing way. It can also be interpreted from the perspective of gender fluidity, depending on the viewer. Despite being a female performer, the film never defines her, and the only male hands are those you see at the very end. Although the film was based on the original concept, it was unscripted, therefore all the performance was improvised. The film was shot on Super8 in order to explore these complex themes through a playful gaze.

思い出の水 亡き人へ Water of Memory for the lost one, 2022
Durational Performance, Tokyo, Japan.




water of memory

black water
a large drop of water
becoming black ocean

by pouring the water
remembering you

© yui yamamoto 2023