Sense of Raw, 2022

Sound: Wiktoria Grzybowskas
Light: Wenjun Dong
Stage Assistant: Sanli
Photography: Pablura Herrera

Exhibition: Scenoworks
Venue: Central Saint Martins, London

Sense of raw is a live performance with raw eggs exploring how passive domesticated existence and objects can unveil their strength and intimacy. With the help of the artist/performer, eggs interact with an installation of hanging balances in the form of wooden planks, creating tension by rolling and colliding, cracking and breaking down and finding equilibrium. Throughout the performance, sounds produced by eggs fill up the entire space, amplifying the intimate relationship of the object with itself and its environment. The audience can experience all the dimensions of “Eggness” throughout the senses. The artist helps situate objects to invite the audience into the world of eggs.

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