Welcome to My Restless Night, 2024
Performance with Visual & Sound
collaboration with panna hyun and Natsuko Yonezawa
in Exhibition Lavender Hibernation Neon
curated by Yueh Ning Lee
Photography by Nefeli Kentoni & Vinx Photography

In the corner of the Crypt Gallery, Yui Yamamoto welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in her psychological and physical experience of a restless night. Driven by high pressure, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty about the future, Yamamoto undergoes insomnia as well as its unpleasant effects.

The project on sleep began during the COVID-19 pandemic, when Yamamoto's sleeping patterns deteriorated. This led to the video performance “My Strange Wish to be a Worm,” which delved into the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep known as hypnagogia. Building on this previous work, in this live performance – "Welcome to My Restless Night" – the artist will be affected by physical and sensory interruptions through animated visuals and sounds operated in live. Collaborating among multidisciplinary artist panna hyun for creating stunning interactive visuals, Natsuko Yonezawa for art direction, sound design, and real-time program operation, and Yui Yamamoto as the director of this performance, a team of three artists generate an uneasy intimate bedtime.

© yui yamamoto 2023